Affidatevi a una professionista dello stile. Lasciatevi guidare in shopping tour personalizzati, alla scoperta della moda e della sua capitale: Milano.
Unique seleziona capi e brand nelle boutique più esclusive del quadrilatero della moda o alla scoperta degli store più creativi della città. Scegliere Unique personal shopper non vuol dire solo creare un outfit: è un corso di stile. Perché le mode passano ma l’eleganza resta.


  • LIDIA CARDINALE, Via Fiamma, 40
  • SUEDE, viale Piave, 33
  • SPAZIO PIAVE 33, Viale Piave, 33
  • GIO’ MORETTI, Via della Spiga, 4
  • DAAD DANTONE, Via Santo Spirito, 24/A
  • GEMELLI, Corso Vercelli, 16
  • GIOFFRE’, Via dell’Orso, 20
  • BRIAN & BARRY, Via Durini, 28
  • BARDELLI, Corso Magenta, 16
  • DAVIDE CENCI, Via Manzoni, 7
  • ANTONIA, Via Cusani, 5


  • Versace
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Lidia Cardinale
  • Missoni
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Trussardi
  • Emilio Pucci
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Calvin Klein
  • I met Laura last week and it was great!! I was in Milano on a business trip and I had to go to a gala dinner and some other special events, and obviously no time to go shopping on my own!! I love Milano but it's difficult to go around if you don't know the city and the shops where to go. Laura was fantastic!!! We met, I told her what my needs were, and she immediately understood the perfect attire for me for every occasion. She took me to the right places and in half a day I had all I wanted. I will definitely call Laura on my next trips. She was professional, quick and had an exquisite taste for fashion.

    Ashley from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.s.a.
  • I loathe shopping but must look dapper at all times and appreciate the power of good dressing. Laura has found a style that suits my personality and gives me confidence. She quickly understood my tastes and selected colours and combinations that met with my approval, I saved time and was provided with skillfully styled clothes that fit remarkably well.

    Elizabeth from Plymouth, Great Britain
  • I have known Laura for some time now and I always call her when I am in Milano on business. At first, when I met her, I was a bit untrustworthy because she is a woman and I thought she would be a personal shopper only for women, instead I decided to give her a try and I have to admit, she was absolutely incredible!! Great taste, great knowledge, great professionalism!!!! I couldn't do without her now!!

    Albert from Chicago, Illinois, U.s.a.
  • Un mese fa sono stato a Milano per un convegno. Il mio lavoro mi impedisce di avere molto tempo a disposizione e avevo l'esigenza di rifarmi un po' il guardaroba. Sono arrivato a Milano il giorno prima del convegno e in mezza giornata Laura e' stata in grado di portarmi nei posti giusti e comprare tutto quello di cui avevo bisogno! E' stata fantastica!

    Vittorio di Catania
  • Ho conosciuto Laura tramite una mia amica tedesca, che viene spesso a Milano per lavoro e che utilizza i suoi servizi. Dovevo andare ad una cerimonia molto importante e avevo bisogno dell'abito giusto. Non essendo di Milano, non volevo perdere troppo tempo a girare per la città, purtroppo Milano e' una città molto dispersiva e se non si sa dove andare, si rischia di perdere un sacco di tempo. Così mi sono rivolta a lei, che con la sua professionalità, il suo gusto e le sue conoscenze nell'ambito della moda, ha saputo capire i miei desideri e le mie esigenze e in poco tempo ha risolto tutti i miei problemi!!! Grazie, Laura!!

    Clara di Civitanova Marche, Macerata
  • I often get stuck wearing similar clothes because I buy from the same shops over and over again. Laura offers a fresh pair of eyes, infinite fashion knowledge, and exquisite taste : she knows the brands and what's good for my shape and size. A precious time saver, when I have special events I give Laura a call and she'll find the perfect outfit and accessories without me having to take time off from work or family!  

    Caroline from Bath, England
  • I was in Milan few weeks ago on a business trip and a colleague told me about her experience with a personal shopper. I didn't have a lot of time and didn' t know my way around so I decided to call Laura. Truly amazing experience!!! She immediately understood what I had in mind and took me to a mini tour where I was able to find few of the most exclusive clothes I have ever had in my wardrobe. Thank you Laura, hope to see you next time I come!

    Manuela from Münich, Germany
  • The time spent shopping around Milan with Laura was very enjoyable, I would definitely do it again! I am almost sure that I visited all of the best boutiques in Milan...simply incredible.

    Courtney from Brisbane, Australia
  • An amazing experience!!! Extremely well organised. I could clearly see that Laura has a great relationship with all of her collaborators.  Everyone was simply marvellous and had an admirable work ethic.

    Helen from Pittsburgh, Pa., U.s.a.
  • It is easy to know big brands and go shopping in a place like Milano but having the chance to meet somebody like Laura who is able to choose the right boutique was really fun. She seemed like she knew exactly what I was looking for. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend her to anybody like me with little time.

    Debbie from Cork, Ireland